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We are one of Sarasota, Florida’s largest and most comprehensive eye care facilities providing diagnosis and treatment of almost all eye injuries and diseases. From this “home page” you’ll be able to get a better idea as to who we are and what we do.

“A good reputation in ophthalmic practice does not spring up overnight. It grows slowly, steadily, and soundly because it is rooted in the solid ground of patient satisfaction.”

If you are a current patient of ours and your prescription is valid, you’ll be able to re-order contacts right over the Internet!
(From this page you’ll be able to order contact lenses from a valid prescription contained in our records. If you currently are not a patient of ours, you will need to have your doctor contact us or have him/her or you fax a valid contact lens prescription to us at (941) 378-1868.


Among our many areas of expertise, we specialize in refractive care; that is, we strive to make you see your best though the latest technology available, from eyeglasses and contact lenses, to LASIK laser surgery.

We also perform CAST (Computer Assisted Corneal Molding Therapy) for children with myopia or myopic astigmatism. CAST is an accelerated form of orthokeratology. If you would like to see information other than what we provide concerning CAST, try the following web site: www.paragoncrt.com.

We also have a complete optical shop with hundreds of eyeglass frames and contact lenses. Our Doctors provide 24 hour/7 day per week emergency eye care.


Experience Sarasota: Eye Center South

Eye Center South Optical offers the best comprehensive eye care at a local level.

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