Contact Lenses

Today’s contact lens choices are quite numerous. There seems to be a lens for every eye and just about every prescription. Most contact lenses today are disposed of at some period of time. Medical scientists have known for many years that new, sterile contact lenses applied to the eye are healthier.

Manufacturers have used advancing technology to produce lenses that are created consistently resulting in more affordable materials. As a result, contact lens products are disposed of after wearing as little as one day and some may be disposed in as along as three or four months. Disposability has made it much easier for young patients who used to have to wear thick, heavy eyeglasses to wear contact lenses since they have multiple pairs of lenses in case of loss.

Today we can correct most types of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and even the “over 40” reading syndrome with disposable lenses. Many of these lenses can be worn while sleeping if your doctor approves of this measure. The “care” of contact lenses has been greatly simplified. Most patients use a multipurpose solution that allows them to clean, rinse and store their lenses in the same solution. New preservatives have virtually eliminated solution allergies, so they are also safe use.

Today’s rapid changing technology is creating new and exciting contact lens products, including a “hybrid” contact lens that uses both a soft and rigid gas permeable in the same lens. This lens corrects most astigmatism and is also available in a multifocal product that can help the over 40 crowd see without reading glasses.

Eye Center South prides itself in keeping abreast of the newest materials and products available so that we can provide our patients with the “latest and greatest” in contact lenses.